The appearance of a patient's breasts is a very personal thing, and often patients find it difficult to discuss their concerns. We hope that in the personal yet informal setting of a consultation with Miss Cubison you will feel comfortable enough to describe exactly what your concerns are, so that she can help you to plan surgery, if this is appropriate for you.

Commonly performed procedures include:

Breast Augmentation with Implants 

Uplift Surgery (Mastopexy) which may be done with or without Implants;

Breast Reduction;
  Male patients also sometimes have concerns about the appearance of their chest area, and this can also be addressed very successfully with either liposuction or formal removal of excess tissue (gynaecomastia).

Miss Cubison offers a 3D imaging service to help you make an informed choice about implant surgery. 
The Crisalix© [insert link to Crisalix website here] software allows you to “try on” different implants by scanning you and manipulating the image of your chest to demonstrate how you would appear with implants of different sizes and shapes.
By wearing virtual reality goggles you can see yourself in the mirror or look down at your potential breast shape to allow you to “try on” different implants before you make your final decision. This is particularly helpful if you already have breast implants but are considering a change either in volume or after complications such as capsule formation