There are many causes for lumps and bumps, from simple moles that you may have had all your life, through to more concerning skin cancers. Miss Cubison provides a comprehensive service to remove all sizes of lesions, from the smallest mole through to the more complex skin cancers. This can frequently be done on a "See and Do" basis at your first consultation, as an Outpatient, but may require a formal in-patient stay in more complicated cases.

We have a histopathology service to analyse tissue that is removed, if this is medically necessary, Miss Cubison will be happy to advise you as to whether your mole should be sent for pathology assessment, as this is not automatically necessary in every case, and does incur an extra cost. Although it is not possible to remove lumps and bumps without leaving any visible scar, with careful attention to detail it is possible to provide a minimal scar that will settle down quickly, given the correct care and attention