Routine Surgery BBA; BBR;

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
Thigh Lift (thigh Reduction / removal of excess skin from the thighs)
Brachioplasty ( Removal of excess skin under the arms) Liposuction;
Mastopexy (breast uplift)
Pinnaplasty; scar revision; scar contracture
Burns scar revision and resurfacing;
Removal of moles, cysts and lipoma Xthanthelasma Ganglion and mucous cysts;
Carpal tunnel release;
Cubital tunnel release
Skin cancers including skin grafting or flap cover where necessary;
Stump revision
Split earlobes
Gynaecomastia Inverted nipples; nipple reconstruction
Tattoo excision
Emergency Surgery Suture / repair of lacerations;
Hand surgery including nail bed repairs, tendon, nerve and blood vessel repair
Lower limb wounds
Skin grafting
Acute burn care including children
Soft tissue problems after joint replacement